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Regarding feedback...

Discussion in 'AotSS Feedback' started by Texashawk, Feb 28, 2015.

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    Dec 17, 2014
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    ... Unlike some other developers, I truly value every piece of feedback I get on this forum. I actually print every post that I see and create a sort of 'to-do' list from it if I think an idea is good. One great thing about finding Imperia at this stage is that it is early in development and a lot of ideas that I think sound good 'on paper' don't work so well in practice, plus there are so many situations that can arise in a 4X game like this that it is impossible to create every possible situation or scenario that may arise.

    Even if you hate Imperia, I'd like to know why and what you would do to make it better. I can't promise that your suggestion will be in the game, but I do want you to know that they are read, analyzed, and sometimes added! Please don't hesitate to share even cutting feedback. All I ask is that it is respectful and thoughtful, and if you don't like something, why that is the case.

    Thank you all!

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