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Psy abilities of the Emperor

Discussion in 'AotSS Feedback' started by pavlosg, Apr 30, 2015.

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    Jan 2, 2015
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    Hello everybody,

    As you all know, what makes you who you are in Imperia is what's different in you: you are the first of your kind to feel and read minds. Since you have this 'psy' ability and can feel the psy-stream of people at a distance, it raises the question of other psy abilities.

    Psy would be a tool you can use to influence others, and why not interact with the universe. At the beginning, you psy power would be weak, but as the game progresses, your psy potential would increase and new psy abilities would unlock. So, why not add a psy-energy pool and new fancy capabilities ? Most of them would be available in the Personal Access menu.

    Psy actions do not necessarily succeed: some are almost bound to fail -and sometimes failure comes at a tremendous cost to you. Indeed, using your mind in such a manner strains your mind and body: expect your stamina to decrease when you use your psy. Should your stamina decrease too much, your body might start failing !


    Below are a few examples of what your psy abilities could be:

    1- psy probe: increases your level of intelligence of the target character. Has a % of uncovering potential ill will or participation in a conspiracy. % of success, about 40% (increases with experience). Cost: little of your stamina. Potential side-effect: subject might become paranoid (lowering of ALL liking towards other characters)

    2- psy shock: decreases subject's health rating. Has a small % of driving the subject psychotic. % of success, 25%. Cost: a lot of your stamina. Potential side-effect: if the subject is very intelligent and/ or psychotic already, getting into his mind might cause a blow-back psy-shock to you.

    3- psy soothing: increases the subject's affection to you. Might also slightly increase the subject's health. % of success, 60%. Cost: a little stamina. Potential side-effect: inverse effect: decrease your popularity

    4- psy aversion: increases the subject's dislike of others. Lowers a bit the liking, increases the dislike, and turns sharp dislike into hate. Has a % of creating an aversion for a random character. % of success, 35%. Cost: some stamina. Potential side-effect: might make the target hate you.

    5- psy possession: take control of the subject for a month. Pass orders as him/herself. Has a % chance of killing the subject. % of success, 10%. Cost: most of your stamina. Potential side-effect: you pass on random orders yourself in a mirror-trance. Or you get into a comma and loose a couple of turns. Also, subject might discover your ability or become psy him/ herself ?

    6- psy invasion: creates global mental illusions so that your PoSup on a given planet increases. Has a % chance of causing riots. % of success, 5%. Cost: all of your stamina. Potential side-effects: comma (many turns pass where you cannot issue orders), decrease in Psy-ability.

    - All % of success increase with your psy-level/ potential. There would be a % of success, failure, and critical failure, all with different consequences. When I mention a character becoming paranoid or psychotic, you could translate that into him/her disliking everybody, or having his/ her PoSup decreasing due to psychotic actions (think a mad leader). We could also ask Steve if he can model psychotic behavior !

    - ... maybe add a PSY diplomacy pool: by spending psy-points you increase the likeliness of passing the next order to the subject. Stamina decreases accordingly: too much and the thing could backfire.

    - During events, there might be times when you can use psy abilities to do things other people cannot do, such as:
    a- clairvoyance: will attempt to explore a solar system or planet at a distance
    b- apportation: will attempt to travel instantaneously to another location, in a quiet manner.
    c- bi or multi-location: appear at two (or more) locations at once.
    d- dowsing: locating an object
    e- retrognition: viewing past events
    f- Scrying: also divination: viewing the future

    What do you all think ?

    ... Is this logically expanding the psy concept or pushing too hard in an unwelcome spiritualist direction ?

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