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Discussion in 'AotSS Feedback' started by Ulnari, May 8, 2015.

  1. Ulnari

    Ulnari Viceroy-in-Training

    May 8, 2015
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    Hi Texashawk,

    I found your project through reddit, watched the let's play video, downloaded the version 0.412b and played a turn.

    - The idea to manage indirectly through delegates.
    - Maintaining good relations with your delegates. Persuasion, intrigues, bribes, ... all that stuff.
    - Delegates can turn against you (and defect from your empire?)

    1) Numbers. If your game needs heavy number crunching, make it invisible to the player. A person might be charming, captivating, charismatic, ordinary, dull, bland, ... but not "Charisma 73".
    2) Overwhelming amount of key figures. Are all of these important? Does it really matter how many people on a planet are young adults, middle aged adults, and experienced adults? Wouldn't the emperor receive a condensed version with only the very important stuff?
    3) Design is not abstract. Related to 1), but actually something different. IMO, a game is about abstraction of reality, not about exact simulation. For instance, Master of Orion 2 had only a few workers instead of a population count. The player could pick one worker, and it assign it somewhere. High abstraction is a principle from board games, and makes the game design transparent to player (see next point). A worker piece instead of "1 mio population" might be non-realistic, but it is simply more fun and intuitive to play with.
    4) Game mechanics are not transparent. The player should know how his action affect the game world. This is especially important in strategy games, where you need to weigh your options (with your resources). In Civilization, I know exactly that I will produce +1 food if I build farmland, or have +1 production if I build a mine. Whereas im Imperia, I can do stuff like "Build informer network", with level 1,2,..n. I have absolutely no indication what the informer network does or what difference the levels make. Or should I bribe a character with $10.000 or with $50.000? Should a bribe at all? How susceptible is the character to bribing? The game should tell me this and what the effect is in case of success or failure.

    - The genre mix of sci-fi and english royality. It would be more immersive with futuristic/alien names & descriptions, e.g. "system delegate", "planetary surrogate", "sector proxy" instead of viceroy and governor. Same with the artwork and icons (e.g. crown).
  2. Texashawk

    Texashawk Developer
    Staff Member Developer Forum Admin

    United States
    Dec 17, 2014
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    Hey Ulnari! Welcome to the forum and thanks for the feedback!

    Much of what you want is what I want too, especially the streamlining of certain systems like planets and economics. Remember that originally this was a single-player project (me) and it was only later that some things like tooltips and the wiki were created to make things easier. I completely agree that some things need to be more abstract; good thing we're rewriting the game! Numbers will only be visible when you have enough Intel on a character; until then you will have vague descriptions. I was in the process of converting numbers to more general descriptions. As far as abstractness, the pop unit is supposed to be abstract, and will be important as far as modeling migration, the spread of ideas and unrest (I will write a post on this soon; it is a key design change for IU) but that should be transparent for the player without being buried in numbers, agreed!

    The titles and such will probably not change. There is a significant backstory, but if you imagine "Firefly" meets "Dune" meets "Battlestar Galactica" you will have a pretty good idea of the setting. I wanted to keep some terms familiar fo the player, and the artwork supports that vision. (I do like system delegate though! Might use that...)

    Hope you stick with it and thanks for the feedback!


  3. Strategiusz

    Strategiusz Viceroy-in-Training

    Jul 3, 2015
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    I like numbers more than descriptions. I see 73 and I know the scale is 0-100 (or I think it is 200 in Imperia?) and I know everything. When I see a description I need to know how many levels of these degrees exist and what is the order of the descriptions. I remember it drove me crazy when in HoM&M3 I get those "few", "several, "horde" etc. In fact a player could check a numbers anyway in the manual and remember them.

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