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Development Diary #12: What we've been up to

Discussion in 'Development Diaries - Written' started by dirkgently, Jul 25, 2016.

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    May 5, 2015
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    Hi all, just a swift update today. We've had less to share with you than usual recently, hence the quiet here on the forums, but that was to be expected - as per our development plan, we've well and truly moved out of the big-ideas design phase and into the realisation of our vision. That means a lot of simply implementing systems we've already expounded upon to you at length: the Projects system, the Action system, and the Economic and Population modes, among others. We've also begun work on designing the looks of the Imperial cultures and Houses.

    One of the things we're paying extremely close attention to right now is the usability of our interface. With every element we introduce, we're asking, 'How readable is this? How easily will new players grasp what it means and what it's for? And are there any aspects of it that might start to grate as players become more experienced with the game?' To that end, we're doing our best to implement a self-explanatory interface that becomes more complex and information-rich as the player becomes more experienced - beginning with a clean display showing just the core information relevant to the mode they're in, players can open up detail windows in order to dig down into what's going on on their planets, and keep those windows open for when they return to the view in question. Even deeper information will be available in our tooltips. This all comes together to form a system whereby you can customise your interface to suit your needs.

    Additionally, we're making sure the interface always emphasises the most important elements therein - the people. By putting a relevant selection of characters in the top-left of the screen (be it the local chain of command, in the planet view, or your Empire's chief ministers, the Primes, in the galaxy view) we are bringing the politics of the Empire front and centre.

    Now I'd better get back to work - but keep yours eyes peeled for screenshots and some exciting news later in the week!

    Ave Imperator!


    (PS. 'Keep your eyes peeled' is a really gross phrase. Please don't take it literally. I disclaim any responsibility for the consequences if you do.)

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