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... decide the best Primary Designation.

Discussion in 'How do I...' started by se5a, Aug 8, 2015.

  1. se5a

    se5a Alpha Tester
    Testing The Galaxy, One Star At A Time

    New Zealand
    Aug 6, 2015
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    Bio obviously is good for Ag.

    In the lets play #1 it was mentioned that strat value is good for military, and I think something about lux being good for retail.

    What should I be looking for if I'm hurting for materials? Strategic? Lux? both? do tectonics or anything else count towards stuff?

    What focus is best for making a profit to fill the system/sector/empire's coffers or afford that expensive outpost?
  2. Texashawk

    Texashawk Developer
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    United States
    Dec 17, 2014
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    Strategic minerals are good for military, yes, and they create materials, which basically build everything in the game. Luxury minerals are used to build retail items, which affect your planet's profits. If you have (or have traded in) a lot of Luxury minerals, you can make a lot of money provided that your pops can afford to buy them, which is affected by their wages paid! It's a fairly intricate system, but the short goal is to make sure that your pops make enough money to spend excess on 'fluff stuff' like retail items.

    You need strategic minerals to make materials. I recommend building mining outposts if possible, they are a lot cheaper and they come with a 'free' logistical station. Failing that, you might try resurveying for strategic minerals or even terraforming. Tectonics affect how expensive it is to produce goods - you have to shock proof your factories and you lose time building stuff when there's just been a massive earthquake, so you want to put manufacturing worlds on as gentle a rock as possible.

    As far as making money, science pays a hell of a lot relative to any other economic sector, all things being equal, but it's harder to staff. Other than that, raising taxes on a planet works to bring more money to the Imperial sector, and ensuring that as few people are unemployed as possible (you have to pay unemployment benefits).

    Good luck!


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