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Changes for upcoming V.411

Discussion in 'News/Events/Upcoming Versions' started by Texashawk, Feb 12, 2015.

  1. Texashawk

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    Dec 17, 2014
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    Hey everyone!

    Just making a few last-minute changes to .411 before release tomorrow.

    *Significantly improved balance - planet minimum bio levels are now 60, not 50. Also made numerous small tweaks to planet generation. The upshot is there should no longer be any 'hell' planets as in earlier versions. This is in conjunction with the static modifier change below.
    *Raised MDLs for smaller Class 0 and 1 planets
    *Changed calculations for mineral and food - now they produce less per level, but balanced somewhat with less need for them
    *Added more money to planet treasuries
    *Viceroy economic AI has been given a pass; now unless they're really stupid, they'll raise taxes more effectively to get a planet out of the red.
    *Lowered cost of government/infrastructure
    *Added component to power rating: Astrographic power - basically the more sectors you control, and the more powerful they are, the higher your power
    *Added new concept: Edict XP. Every turn that a planet, system, or sector contributes to an active Edict, the government modifier increases slightly, eventually allowing more ADM points per population on the planet.
    *Added new concept: static modifier. This means that if everything is neutral, meaning nothing great or terrible is happening, popular support will slowly drop each turn. This reflects your empire people's need to see your empire grow and expand, not stay static. To support this, costs and ADM time have been cut for many Edicts, especially exploration Edicts. Remember that Edicts that are supported by the Imperial capital's time is affected greatly by your power rating.

    *Added a few more characters
    *New cover art
    *Adding a few interstitial screens between turns.
    *Money and numbers are now rounded to the nearest whole digit and one decimal point, e.g. $1,343,124 dollars (which was in thousands anyway and was confusing) is now $1.3b. I'd like some feedback on this change, to know whether these numbers are easier to understand.

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  2. Travis

    Travis Community Manager

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    Feb 7, 2015
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    I can't wait.

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